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1. Encourage Clif to raise the bar on child slavery! Sign our petition!

Does Clif Bar use chocolate that comes from the worst forms of child labor? We have been in communication with Clif Bar since May 2011, and they have told us that they cannot disclose the country of origin for proprietary reasons. (See F.E.P.’s letter requesting disclosure).

We are not asking for full supply chain information, the grower names, or even the state or city of Clif’s supplier – simply the cacao beans’ country of origin.

F.E.P. maintains a list of companies offering vegan chocolate who have disclosed country of origin.

We all know why companies like Nike and Apple took so long to disclose information on their supply chains: because they had something to hide. But does Clif?

How could a company that prides itself on social responsibility choose to not be transparent about an issue as important as child slavery? What does Clif have to hide?

Join us in asking Clif Bar to disclose the country of origin of their cacao beans.

2. Please only buy chocolate that is vegan and does not support the worst forms of child labor, including slavery.

See which chocolate companies to support or avoid.

3. Want to go vegan? Not sure how? Or are you a new vegan and want some support?

Are you ready to commit to extending your compassionate values to human and non-human animals and the environment once and for all?

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