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The Vegan Retention Newsletter

Linking the issues to help you go and stay vegan!

Have you always wanted to go vegan but did not have the support to do so? Have you tried to go vegan and eventually gone back to eating animals? Are you ready to commit to extending your compassionate values to human and non-human animals and the environment once and for all? Food Chain helps you to make that commitment to a more compassionate vegan lifestyle and sustain that lifestyle permanently!

Food Chain is a FREE monthly newsletter that you will receive for 12 months by mail when you sign up. After you complete a short survey, you will be eligible to start receiving this amazing resource.

By linking the reasons that draw most people to go vegan (compassion toward animals, impacts on people and the environment, and improvement of one’s health), Food Chain connects the issues so that with every newsletter you have more information that not only supports your decision but helps you stick with it!

Each beautifully designed issue is packed with pertinent information to help you better understand the realities of animals raised and killed for food along with problems relating to labor and the environment. Paired with this information, every issue includes items of inspiration and hope, with heartwarming rescue stories of animals who have made it to sanctuary, questions and answers about nutrition from MDs and RDs, delicious recipes, general support information, food recommendations, and suggestions for further resources.

Sign up for Food Empowerment Project’s Food Chain now and make the commitment to live in accordance with your compassionate values!

Note: Food Chain is a resource for those interested in going vegan or those who are recently vegan and is not geared toward people who are already committed vegans. After receiving all 12 issues there will be a follow-up survey so that we can continue to make Food Chain one of the best resources available to help people make truly compassionate choices.

Food Empowerment Project seeks to create a more just and sustainable world by recognizing the power of one's food choices