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Have you wanted to go vegan but did not have the support to do so? Have you tried to go vegan but eventually went back to eating animals? Are you ready to commit to extending your compassionate values to human and non-human animals and the environment once and for all? Food Chain helps you to make that commitment to a more compassionate vegan lifestyle and sustain that lifestyle permanently!

Learn more about Food Empowerment Project’s Food Chain now and make the commitment to live in accordance with your compassionate values!


Take our Chocolate list with you

Update: We’re happy to announce the availability of Food Empowerment Project’s Chocolate List as a free application for your smart phone. Take a moment to download the free app now via iTunes (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android phones).

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Encourage Clif to raise the bar on child slavery!

For more than a year, Food Empowerment Project has been asking companies to tell us which countries supply the cacao used to make their chocolate products. Our goal? To ensure that consumers are able to make informed decisions and not inadvertently buy chocolate that comes from the slave trade in West Africa, a region steeped in child labor. We are not asking for full supply chain information or grower names – simply the cacao beans’ country of origin.You can see a list of the companies that have disclosed this information here:


If you scroll down to the list of companies that will not tell us where they source their cacao, one of the names might surprise you – it surprised us: Clif Bar & Company.

Click here to find out more and take action!

Access to Healthy Foods

While based in Santa Clara County, Food Empowerment Project decided to take a closer look in our own backyard to determine how easy it is for communities of color and low-income communities to have access to healthy fruits and vegetables, as well as alternatives to meat and dairy products.By using dozens of volunteers, we surveyed more than 200 locations around the county. READ MORE…

Our Blog, Appetite for Justice

Food Empowerment Project’s blog not only addresses the various issues we work on — the treatment of animals, workers, and the environment, as well as environmental justice issues — but also includes information about our current efforts and how people can get involved. READ MORE…